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Merge Healthcare is a leading provider of clinical systems and innovations that seek to advance healthcare. Merge provides innovative solutions to improve the healthcare experience for patients, providers and payers.

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The Challenge

Merge Healthcare was acquired by IBM in 2015. One of the challenges faced was re-branding the website to reflect part of IBM's brand identity. A second challenge was the need to make the entire website responsive to ensure it was a welcoming experience for everyone regardless of their device.

We took this opportunity to not only re-skin the entire website, but refresh content and SEO optimize each page. Because most of the content deals with highly-regulated medical devices, it had to be JIRA-approved. This required project management and process skills to confirm the product marketers reviewed content as well as Quality Assurance.

The Experience

Home Page
Starting with the hero banner, this page was completely restructured. Like many older websites, the old hero banner was a rotating carousel with multiple slides, which could be quite distracting to users. It also looked too much like a banner advertisement, which had the potential to make it invisible due to ‘banner blindness.’ Analytics showed that the first carousel slide had relatively high engagement, which decreased exponentially on subsequent slides. The new hero banner spans the full width of the page and showcases exciting animated photography to entice visitors and is in line with brand identity.

Buyer's Journey
To align with Merge's content marketing's buyer's journey, the new home page incorporated a buyer's path. This selection determines the potential buyer's role. Once the visitor selects a role, they are driven down a path/landing page customized to their needs and pain points.

Merge's product portfolio is vast and the old menu was confusing with too many layers. In the new menu model, it was simplified by displaying all of the solutions in one click, giving the user a bird's eye view of everything categorized by top-level solution.

The Result

The results have been a success. Not only was there a surge in mobile-platform traffic month-to-month, but users have been spending more time on the website and browsing more pages indicating a higher level of engagement. We have also been able to easily collaborate with segment marketing campaigns by building cohesive landing pages.